BMW 120D 320D 163HP 120KW TF35 Turbocharger Turbo 49135-05620



Our business has over 32 year’s experience in motor vehicles, including diagnosing faults on engines and vehicle electronics that help control engine management systems and Turbos.
We have fully trained staff that can diagnose your vehicle Turbo and offer a service of replacing your Turbo when it goes wrong.
All prices include VAT at 20% and an invoice will be sent with all purchases.

All Are Turbocharges come with 24 Months Warranty.

This Sale is for a Reconditioned Turbocharger
The turbochargers are sold on the exchange basis.
The price of the turbocharger does not include the refundable deposit.
When you purchase turbocharger you’ll have to pay the refundable deposit of £100 to our PayPal account. After receiving a new product from us, you have to return your old unit within 14 days. The sum of deposit will be refunded to the buyer after the old unit returns to TF7 4PF